MOCA presents Cinema Vezzoli, an exhibition highlighting artist Francesco Vezzoli‘s (b. 1971, Brescia, Italy) mastery in deconstructing the vocabulary of filmmaking and in analyzing how celebrity-driven culture influences art and the public imagination. Rife with art-historical and autobiographical references and showcasing the artist’s love of embroidery, classic European cinema, and Hollywood stardom, Vezzoli’s works explore the modern-day obsession with celebrity.

In a series of portraits of movie icons in star-shaped frames, reminiscent of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, long streams of embroidered tears emanate from the eyes of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. A gallery dedicated to Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti, an influential figure in Vezzoli’s oeuvre, displays teary-eyed portraits of actors from the director’s celebrated films Senso (1954) and Death in Venice (1971). The sorrow portrayed in these works represents life’s intrinsic drama, existing regardless of wealth or fame.

Vezzoli’s faux movie posters substitute lead actors from the original films with art-world figures. In this fictional world, German American textile artist Anni Albers replaces Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel as Emmanuelle in the 1974 French erotic feature with the same name. In All About Anni–Anni vs. Marlene (The Saga Begins) (2006), Albers is paired with the iconic actress Marlene Dietrich in an imagined story of rivalry between two strong and talented women. Sex, art, and movies coalesce frequently and dramatically in Vezzoli’s intense fixation with stardom.

At the core of the exhibition is a theater-like space sharing the exhibition’s title, Cinema Vezzoli. The selection of videos screened here feature well-known contemporary actors Marisa Berenson, Milla Jovovich, Eva Mendes, Helen Mirren, Natalie Portman, and Michelle Williams. Upon exiting the theater, visitors are presented with a large tapestry depicting the opening credits from Sono come tu mi vuoi (As You Desire Me, 2007), a film starring legendary Swedish American actress Greta Garbo. Vezzoli’s fascination with larger-than-life personalities comes full circle with the inclusion of Portrait of Sophia Loren as the Muse of Antiquity (After Giorgio de Chirico) (2011), installed in the museum’s courtyard.

Organized by MOCA Senior Curator Alma Ruiz, Cinema Vezzoli is part of The Trinity, a three-part series also presented at the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI) in Rome and MoMA PS1 in New York.

Cinema Vezzoli


APRIL 27–AUGUST 11, 2014

IMAGE: Francesco Vezzoli, Michelle Williams & Natalie Portman in GREED, The New Fragrance by Francesco Vezzoli, 2009, video, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, gift of the artist, photo by Guy Ferrandis, courtesy of the artist.


Author : Federica Mascagni



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Author : Vivienne Avidan


Aaron Beckum - Photo by Ana Coto

Night Giant, Aaron Beckum’s latest short film made us curious to know more about the man behind the camera. Here is the interview with the Los Angeles-based filmmaker, artist and musician.

FM: Hi Aaron! How about giving us a little background info about yourself? Your eclectic and cross-disciplinary attitude brings you to work with different media and languages. You are a filmmaker, a musician, an artist. Where, when and how did everything start?

AB: Music came first for me. I grew up around music and it was just a natural way of expressing myself. I took a video production class in college that kind of got my mind going towards film. We had a VHS to VHS editing system that barely worked but I remember loving the lo-fi analog feel to it and the possibilities seemed endless. Then I found out about this new way of editing on a computer on this program called Final Cut Pro and that was it. It was like magic being able to cut images. I think my favorite part was, and still is to some extent, the act of cutting image to music. When you cut the right image with the right piece of music it elevates it to a whole other thing. That’s fun.  Basically, filmmaking was a way to combine all of the things I loved: music, writing, art, photography etc…

FM: Do you believe that knowing more than one artistic field is a necessity in today’s art world?

AB: I don’t think it’s a necessity, but I think it’s common. Most artist friends of mine are doing all kinds of different things at the same time. I do think if you want to be exceptional at anything you have to pick one thing and practice and fail in that field until you get where you want to be.

FM: Let’s talk about your latest short film, Night Giant, which has had a great festival run. The short is about a young man’s surreal adventure as he is haunted by nothing less than a Night Giant…But it’s also the story of a journey  through the guy’s fears and insecurities that are invisible but real. The short playfully recalls different film genres with elements of horror and sci-fi combined with a dry humor which set the film tone. Can you take us through a brief walkthrough of how the story came about and evolved? What was the inspiration behind it?

AB: Night Giant just came to me one night as I was driving. I saw a strange shadow and my mind decided that that maybe it was the shadow of a Night Giant? I’ve been kind of intrigued by giants ever since I was a kid when my Dad read my sister and I the BFG by Roald Dahl. When I was writing Night Giant, I loved the idea of a real world that was totally normal except for this one thing, there are Night Giants out there. In the story the giant is obviously a metaphor for whatever that thing is that haunts you in life. In this case I was specifically thinking about that feeling of failure and the fear of failure that keeps you from growing. I was thinking about fears that stop you in your tracks and how once you confront them and move past them you can start growing again.

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Author : Federica Mascagni


Ciclico is in Padua, a city in the north of Italy. Ciclico is Leonardo Ragusa de Vargas Macciucca. Cicliclo is a workshop specialized in restoring classic Italian racing bicycles into single speed commuters.

You only have to take your old frame and leave it to Leonardo: your heart will begin to beat very fast when you’ll see the result after the restoration!


Author : Valentina Matelli


Author : Redazione


The reflection about contemporary culture by the art collective Studio ++ starts from the image of a buoy.
In the exhibition Come un quadrato in mezzo al mare (Like a square in the middle of the sea) curated by Agata Polizzi at the Francesco Pantaleone Gallery in Palermo,  the Florence-based group of young Sicilian artists that’s also engaged in research projects abroad,  is called to intervene by opening connections between places, architectures and people .

The image of the buoy and the sea used by the colletive is an allusion to objects related to the  visual representation of the city of Palermo. Rebuilding them in an art context aims to rebuild an identity. Come un quadrato in mezzo al mare (Like a square in the middle of the sea), doesn’t want to be just an exposition time but also a shared curatorial moment given to a “spoken and unwritten word” which is spread throughout the gallery space as an intimate and emotional gesture.
The exhibition is part of the Project Wall series, conceived by the Francesco Pantaleone Gallery
as a window that’s open to young artists .


Come un quadrato in mezzo al mare

Opening Thursday April 10 h 7 pm

April 10 – May 9, 2014

Via Vittorio Emanuele 303   PALERMO

Author : Serena Becagli


The Middle East Now Festival is back in Florence. The fifth edition of the festival presents a rich program of feature films, documentaries, animated films and shorts from Iran, Morocco, Palestine, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, Afghanistan, Syria, Qatar and Algeria.

Among the highlights at this edition, the first retrospective of the acclaimed Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, focus on contemporary cinema from Morocco, Iraq and Qatar, the Italian premiere of the documentary Return to Homs by director Talal Derki, one of the most impressive documentaries on the Syrian revolution which was awarded with the Grand Jury Prize at the last Sundance Festival, and much more.

The Festival also showcases a great programme of special events with art projects, talks, food, music and photography, that tell the many facets of contemporary culture from the Middle East and North Africa.

Check it out the full programme here:

Image above: Sepideh-Reaching For The Stars by Berit Madsen

Author : Federica Mascagni


Load up on guns, bring your friends/It’s fun to lose and to pretend/She’s overbored and self-assured /Oh, no, I know a dirty word/With the lights out, it’s less dangerous/Here we are now, entertain us/I feel stupid and contagious/ Here we are now, entertain us/A mulatto /An albino /A mosquito /My libido/I’m worse at what I do best/And for this gift I feel blessed/ Our little group has always been/And always will until the end/And I forget just why I taste/ Oh, yeah, I guess it makes me smile/ I found it hard, it’s hard to find/ Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Kurt Cobain – February 20, 1967 –  April 5, 1994



Author : Federica Mascagni



The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa,  is one of the most incredible and fragile area of the world.

These few pictures show how Serengeti is still uncontaminated and wild, but for this reason an unique place to preserve, respect and protect.

Serengeti is pure magic!

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Author : Mario Alfiero


when: 31 MARCH – 2 APRIL
 at: 20:30

where: Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 56 – Rome

Author : Redazione



They are two friends who made a living designing and importing mass production goods for more than 20 years. Over the years their foreign made products became well featured to a level of complexity far beyond usefulness. This was the result of low labor costs and a need to obsolete their current products. The imported products delivered everything they ever wanted except a soul. The latest product was always perfect, until next year when it was replaced and off to the land fill. They both wanted to move away from this crazy cycle of soulless consumption. They wanted to make products that lasts a decade or more. They wanted to make products with a soul.

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Author : Valentina Matelli


Diego Beani – Tuscan Coast – Italy

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Author : Vivienne Avidan


#wednesday #pizzatime

Author : Redazione


A Spell to Ward off the Darkness by experimental filmmakers Ben Rivers and Ben Russell follows an unnamed man during three different phases of his life. We join him in the midst of a 15 person commune on a small Estonian island; alone and isolated in the majestic wilderness of Northern Finland; and during a concert as singer and guitarist of a black-metal band in Norway.

Starring musician Robert AA Lowe, best known for his intense performances under the name of Lichens, a Spell is full of symbolism, slowly-changing landscapes, rituals, and nomads who have withdrawn from society.

Marked by loneliness, ecstatic beauty and an optimism of the darkest sort, the film lies somewhere between fiction and non-fiction. It’s at once a document of experience and an hypnotic experience itself, a radical proposition for the existence of utopia in the present time and an inquire into transcendence that sees the cinema as a site for transformation.

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Author : Federica Mascagni


© Kylli Sparre, Estonia, Winner, Enhanced, Open Competition, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

WPO, the World Photography Organization, has announced the winners to the Open, Youth and National Award competitions of this year’s Sony World Photography Awards, selected from more than 70,000 entries from across the world. The achievement of each of the winners from across the three competitions is extraordinary – both in terms of the number of photographs they have been chosen from but also that the photographers themselves are not professionals, but individuals who are passionate about photography, enthusiasts and amateurs.
All three competitions were judged on a single shot and prizes range from the latest Sony digital imaging equipment to trips to London to attend the Sony World Photography Awards gala ceremony on 30 April. The ten Open winners will also compete for a $5,000 (USD) prize and the title of Overall Open Photographer of the Year.  Winning and shortlisted images will be presented at Somerset House in London from 1-18 May as part of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition.

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Author : Chiara Cremaschi


Author : Redazione



Ruphus is the distillation of years of tinkering + designing, understanding materials, + perfecting a craft.

With deep roots in architecture + design, Ruphus is in fact the product-design arm of Raphael Design. Matt Raphael, a Virginia native and UVa School of Architecture grad, has spent 20+ years in Portland, OR running his design/build firm. His vision follows simple lines + unfettered function across many mediums. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Portland Monthly, Treehugger + the Oregonian, among others.

His sun-lit studio in the Hawthorne neighborhood in SE Portland is the epicenter of Ruphus’ work, complete with late nights, woodchips + an assortment of toys + tools including a CAMaster CNC.

Matt has teamed up with Heath Korvola, a designer and photographer, who he met in 2011 while studying Product Design at University of Oregon. They were part of a design team that built an award-winning commuter bike, the Campus Mini Velo. Today you can find them designing + fabricating a unique line of products all intended to exhibit the warmth that wood brings to our modern lives.

The Woodsman’s frame is half skateboard: 11 layers of Canadian Maple is laminated with carbon fibre, so it’s possible to vary the ‘pop’. A removable glovebox was designed to fit underneath the top spar and a 2-speed, automatically-shifting rear hub and coaster brake was used. The integrated rear fender is made from walnut, resulting in a tasty and tidy urban transport solution.

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Author : Valentina Matelli



New York based filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff describes her debut feature, I Believe in Unicorns,  as the story “of a pair of lonely outsiders and their messed up relationship. A film about the dark underbelly of teenage love and lust. Although it may not always be pretty, it is a story that needs to be told.”

Indeed, the movie is a deeply personal story coming from  the director own experience as a girl who grew up taking care of her mother affected by a serious illness.

The story revolves around Davina, (Natalia Dyer) a teenage girl who has grown up quickly as the sole caretaker of her disabled mother. She often escapes into a beautifully twisted fantasy life of underwater fireworks, melting cupcakes and kodachrome dreams. She collects dolls in glass jars, scratches the emulsion off polaroids, and holds her breath constantly. Davina looks for salvation in a new relationship with an older boy, Sterling (Peter Vack), but soon the disturbing details of his past begin to emerge.

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction and combining archival footage with stylized live action and stop motion animation, Leah Meyerhoff takes us on a road trip through the complex landscape of troubled young love.

Author : Federica Mascagni


American Psycho Bret Easton Ellis is not new to collaborations for the screen and the musical scene. It’s now out Are You Okay, an eleven-minute short Mr. Ellis penned for the LA group Dum Dum Girls.

The short is an eerie, psychological thriller starring singer Dee Dee Penny, actor Shiloh Fernandez and directed by Brewer. It features the Dum Dum Girls’ tune Are you ok? from their latest album Too True with additional musical score composed by Tamaryn and Drew McDowall. In the short you will also notice Charles Ray’s artwork Two Boys.

Watch it after the jump.

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Author : Federica Mascagni


A Summer Love Poem

Clouds float by on a summer sky
I hop scotch over to you

Rainbows arch from ground to gold
I climb over to you

Thunder grumbles, lightning tumbles
And I bounce over to you

Sun beams back and catches me
Smiling over at you

Author : Vivienne Avidan



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Author : Vivienne Avidan



FERRIVELOCI is an ambitioss project by two talented italian guys.

They learned the history of the great Italian masters, their different philosophies and studied aesthetic and construction details, understanding the technical reasons for them. Inspired by the past, by those who came before us and have more experience.

So their aim is to keep the Milanese frame building school alive, with all its peculiarities, and to implement it using both new and old technology.

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Author : Valentina Matelli



In Ana Lily Amirpour’s words a vampire is a serial killer, a historian, an addict and a romantic, all in one”. The thirst for life of these lonely creatures has always got a seducing power for the Iranian- born director who grew up on Anne Rice’s vampires stories.

Her debut feature, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,  based on her artful graphic novel, is a blood sucker romance set in the imaginary, nocturnal Iranian town of Bad City. Here a female vampire stalks potential victims with a judgmental eye, but she isn’t immune to romantic desire when it presents itself in the form of a boy who’s looking for a way out of his dead-end existence.

Shot in a stylish black and white, the film draws its influences from Leone’s westerns, horror films,  graphic novels, Lynch’s weird atmospheres and the Iranian New Wave. Amirpour, who is a true music addict and used to be the front woman of an art-rock band, also put  particular attention on the movie score that’s nurtured by a mix of Iranian rock, techno and Morricone-inspired riffs.

Keep an eye on the movie, on the girl, and enjoy the teaser after the jump!

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Author : Federica Mascagni

Music Sounds Better With a 303

EJECA One of the best UK producers 2013 .. makes a nice gift to everybody us!

A killer  FREE track  with a sample of classic tune “Music Sounds Better with You”

Enjoy it… and download dude!!




Author : Mark-eno

Beck is back!

After several years Beck is Back..

Sweet powerfull sound and magical ever!


Beck – Unforgiven

Author : Mark-eno


“It’s hard to keep things casual and party with the cool kids when a Night Giant is after you…”

After a great festival run, you can enjoy Aaron Beckum’s new short, an enjoyable black and white noir-ish comedy set in a twilight zone world.

Check it out below!

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Author : Federica Mascagni


Royal H Cycles is about connecting people to their love of cycling. The bike is a means to that end. Anyone who has commissioned a bicycle knows this undeniable truth- that a custom bike is more fun to ride! The goal as a framebuilder is to offer a truly unique experience, not just the bike.

Royal H Cycles is about inspiring people to be better riders and putting a larger smile on their face every time they ride. A custom bike is about creating a relationship between rider and builder that helps bring their vision for the perfect bike into focus. This vision is what is put into the tubes and lugs that are going to become their bicyle. Royal H Cycles is about the big picture as much as it is about the fine details.

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Author : Valentina Matelli


God help the girl is Stuart Murdoch’s debut feature. Well known as lead singer and songwriter of indie Scottish band Belle and Sebastian, Stuart developed the project as a suite of songs, written while he was in between records with the group.

Set in a bohemian Glasgow populated by rockers, mods and emo kids, the film is a coming of age story about young Eve who is in the hospital dealing with some emotional problems and starts writing songs as a way of getting better. Over the course of a summer, she meets Cass and James who share with her a same restless attitude toward life, and together they form a group.

At the moment Murdoch is working with Belle and Sebastian writing new songs for an album to be recorded and released in 2014. Here at Elitism we can’t wait both for the movie and the record!

Author : Federica Mascagni



Skidmore, Owings & Merrill design company presented their newest project for a skyscraper in Jakarta. The US architectural and engineering firm designed the building as “the world’s first super tall tower for which energy is the primary design driver”.

While today many buildings promote their environmental vocation by incorporating a single eco-friendly technology into their design, the Pertamina Energy Tower is one that architects call the most energy-efficient skyscrapers in the world.

The Tower is aiming for net zero energy use, reducing the impact on the environment because of its possibility to generate renewable energy.

The building, which will be 530 meters high, will feature an integrated “wind funnel” that will generate energy from the force of the increased winds at that height. Then there is the “Energy Ribbon”, a solar-panneled roof connecting the new campus to the tower, that will provide both sun and rain protection generating energy at the same time through photovoltaics along the surface of the roof. The tower itself looks like a silver bullet with a curved silhouette, which is intended to decrease solar heat gain throughout the year. In addition, there will be exterior sunshades to allow natural light in. This is intended to lessen the use of artificial lighting, hence, minimizing the energy consumption.

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Author : Mario Alfiero


A conversation with Silvia Petronici, indipendent curator and creator of senseOFcommunity, workshop and residence for artist. Let’s discover with us what we are talking about.

The research on the territory within contemporary art is a topic which has drawn a lot of attention recently, but you have been working on it since a long time. Where does this interest come from? 

I believe in the cognitive value of art but mostly I think contemporary art is a practice and not a system of objects. I consider the artistic practice as an activity with great potential for the growth and improvement of the communities where it takes place. I am interested in projects that bring the research to focus on the so to speak “human” contents of the place where they are presented, on the stories and on the memory. I’m interested in supporting a practice of reactivation of relationships and restitution of meaning. When the artists, who work strictly site-specific, do this while using their own formal languages and  poetry, they have all my attention, respect and care in order to support their job. I’ve seen forgotten and ruined places coming back to the centre of meaningful dynamics through the work of brave and honest artists. I’ve seen stories told with grace giving birth to many other stories in a collective narrative saved from the silence and fatigue of forgetfulness. From my point of view the coefficient of the truth the art practice contains is directly proportional to its ability to be in tune with its natural and human environment. In site-specific works the vague and somewhat inflated notion of “territory ” as a place of memory and adhesion gains depth and becomes space to share, ecosystem, network of meanings and vital information. Even when I work in conventional spaces such as museums or galleries, I am interested in the dialogue between these places and the space outside, the people, the plants and the seasons. I think we can do a lot with the powerful medium of art which is able to move feelings, but this only happens if we open doors and windows letting the world, the present, in.

When was the first workshop of senseOFcommunity? How is living in close contact with the artists for a week? 

senseOFcommunity began in April 2013, with the first stop in Venice, at the Officina delle Zattere, then continued throughout 2013 with a residency at Spazio OFF in Pontassieve (FI) on the issue of collective work and in Bologna at the Adiacenze Gallery. The last place of residence took place at the Museo del Paesaggio of Torre di Mosto in the Venetian countryside and it ended last January. From my point of view the residence formula that allows the artists to live all the time with each other, with me and the other curators is the most coherent with the premises that could be developed from the title in the direction of that research the title itself wants to induce. Being together among people who mostly didn’t meet each other before allows artists and curators to continuously confront one with the other reducing distances and engaging unexpected shares and understandings. This gives each resident’s research a depth which concerns her/his own personal world, limits the rhetoric that is often used to conceal and defer discussion and brings the discourse on a level of honesty and trust that is useful to the quality of the conceived projects. During the day we spend together many working hours and in the evening, at dinner time, the cabaret is guaranteed. Undoubtedly I really enjoy myself but, in addition to these more than useful playful moments, the coexistence allows us to know each other and to establish connections as well as professional relationships. This is of great advantage for what we together intend to support through the works presented to the public at the end of the residency .

I got the impression that at some point during these workshops the different artistic disciplines which characterize each individual artist seem to disappear. Almost as if in a given phase of the project the individual artistic expressions were anesthetized in order to reappear strengthened and transformed. Is it really like this?

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Author : Serena Becagli



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Author : Vivienne Avidan


Ciclofficine Ventura is an italian company based in Puglia. The founder is Nico Ventura, a young guy that assembles beautiful bicycles with precious accessories and follow the taste of his customers.

We love his products!

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Author : Valentina Matelli



London-based artists Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth met at Goldsmiths College back in the ‘90s. Since then they have worked together to art works focused on the re-creations of highly charged cultural moments that pioneered the use of re-enactment within contemporary visual art. Performace, music and sound also play a significant part in their work and their interest in music lead them to various collaborations including the one with our beloved dark angel, musician, lyricist and prose writer, Nick Cave.

Cave is the coconspirator and protagonist of Pollard and Forsyth’s cinematic debut: 20,000 Days On Earth. The film weaves two parallel narrative threads. The first is a cinematic portrait of Cave’s 20,000th day, created through a series of staged, but not scripted, scenes and encounters including a conversation with Cave and a therapist about his childhood memories, archival photos projected against the wall of a cramped office that resembles a detective agency, and a series of rainy car drives through the musician’s chosen town of Brighton with key figures from his life like Ray Winstone, Blixa Bargeld and Kylie Minogue. The second looks in depth at his creativity, from writing through recording and rehearsal to performance.
The filmmakers combine in one fictional day fiction and documentary, private and public, illuminating Cave’s life story as a man and as an artist. But 20,000 Days On Earth is also an invite to ask ourselves who we are, how many days we’ve been alive and what use we’ve made of our time.

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Author : Federica Mascagni


John Stanmeyer from the U.S. has received the prize for World Press Photo of the Year 2013.
His piece shows African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city, raising their phones in an attempt to capture an inexpensive signal from neighboring Somalia. Djibouti is a common stop-off point for migrants in transit to Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, seeking a better life in Europe and the Middle East. (26 February 2013, Djibouti City, Djibouti)

Here the entire collection of winning images:

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Author : Chiara Cremaschi


Arko Bici is Marek Parajka. Marek lives in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava and it’s here where he design and restore bicycle under the banner of Arko Bici.

Fully made to measure, hand brazed, filed, grinded, sanded, polished, painted & laquered, Arko Bici truly represents what’s valuable in bicycles and cycling. In a world of automatisized manufacturing lines, cnc machining & robot welding, there’s no monetary value for the passion, dedication and craftsmanship that a hand made bicycle part represents.

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Author : Valentina Matelli


Fanette Guilloud is a young photographer, aged 22.
In 2013, she graduated from photography school in Toulouse and won a Special Jury Mention at the end of that year.
She develops her style combining photography with creative installation art.
Her creations anchor illusions in the real. Her attraction to geometry and minimalism elicits a poetic vision of the world, a contemplation of the passing of time. Using both the brutality of reality and crafted dreams, she plays with perspective and the notion of the impossible by exploring the limits of rational vision.
Born in France, she now lives and works between Berlin and Paris.

..and she rocks.

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Author : Francesca Querci



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Author : Vivienne Avidan


Cinemagraphs by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck is an animated series showing us New York City trough their eyes, as an homage to the place they’re living and working. Their pictures aim to capture the most delicate parts of life, fleeting moments of time, the beat of a city or the breath of a human. Something in the picture is moving, while everything else stands still.
The result is a series of intriguing moving pictures that make us feel as if we were right there, observing Times Square, Central Park and the Grand Central station through the classic Armani lenses.

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Author : Chiara Cremaschi



Everything began during a visual prototyping and programming workshop in one of Berlins co­-working spaces, betahouse.

They combined their knowledge, experience and professional skills in design­thinking, computer science, visual art, sculpting and product design to create a background for .flxble.

Theye share a common passion for developing innovative and beautiful products and they are passionate about traditional, hand­craft and futuristic methods and materials. They build unique products with a focus on detail. Their products are effective, multifunctional and problem­-solving.

The small and innovative company .flxble is a multi­disciplinary product­ design studio with a great network of enthusiastic creative collaborators. A lot of fresh ideas are waiting to become alive.

Author : Valentina Matelli


MOMENTVM, un proyecto junto a Intermon Oxfam.

” Es una pieza audiovisual, participativa, tejida entre todos. Queremos mostrar la maravilla de nuestra realidad cotidiana, la poesía, la tragedia y el triunfo que se produce cada día a nuestro alrededor.Hoy la humanidad, gracias a la revolución de las redes sociales está en un momento muy importante de su evolución. Este video es una llamada a la reflexión a la vez que un tributo a la vida, porque debemos luchar por lo que de verdad importa: ser felices.//is a collaborative short film, weaved by everybody. We want to portray the true wonder of our everyday reality, the poetry, the tragedy and the triumph that happens everyday among us. Thanks to the revolution that social networks have brought, nowadays the humanity is in a very relevant moment of it’s evolution. This video is a call for reflection, as well as a tribute to life.
Because we must fight for what really matters: being happy.”

Author : Redazione


Portraits and experiences of family today

Artists: Guy Ben-Ner, Sophie Calle, Jim Campbell, John Clang, Nan Goldin, Courtney Kessel, Ottonella Mocellin e Nicola Pellegrini, Trish Morrissey, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Oswald, Thomas Struth

14 March-20 July 2014
Opening : Thursday, 13 March 2014, 7:00pm

Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina
Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

Family Matters. Portraits and experiences of family today presents the works of eleven international artists (Guy Ben- Ner, Sophie Calle, Jim Campbell, John Clang, Nan Goldin, Courtney Kessel, Ottonella Mocellin and Nicola Pellegrini, Trish Morrissey, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Oswald, Thomas Struth) that encourage an investigation into the images, dynamics and structures that define the concept of family in the contemporary world.

Each individual has his or her own personal experience of family, but when we seek out a shared definition, what do we mean by this term? One of the foundations of this apparently natural concept lies in Article 29 of the Italian Constitution, where it is affirmed that, “the family is a natural unit of society founded on marriage.” However, as sociologist Chiara Saraceno provocatively states, “nothing is less natural than the family.”
The artists taking part in the exhibition prompt a reflection on two principal fronts: the representation of the family and its relational dynamics, an investigation of the image of the family and what really hides behind it. The videos, photographs and installations in the exhibition confront and deconstruct this concept, combining the autobiographical subjectivity of each artist with a search for a collective meaning, reflecting on those cultural, moral, ethical and biological ties that define and characterize a family.  To speak about this topic is to reflect on the contradiction between the individualism of contemporary man and the persistence of social models and relational needs that find a fundamental nucleus in the family. At the same time, the debate on “what is family” is accompanied by an extensive sociological reflection that has identified the family as the primary place of socialization and education, but also as a place of inequality.

Author : Redazione


A prayer

‘Mid the discordant noises of the day I hear thee calling; I stumble as I fare along Earth’s way; keep me from falling.

Mine eyes are open but they cannot see for gloom of night: I can no more than lift my heart to thee for inward light.

The wild and fiery passion of my youth consumes my soul; In agony I turn to thee for truth and self-control.

For Passion and all the pleasures it can give will die the death; But this of me eternally must live, thy borrowed breath.

‘Mid the discordant noises of the day I hear thee calling; I stumble as I fare along Earth’s way; keep me from falling.

Author : Olivia Lewit


The work developed by Andrea Nacciarriti for the Atla(s)now project during his residency at the Dar Toubkal and Kasbah du Toubkal center in Imlil village (Marrakech, Morocco) was based on the concept of Berber’s identity fossilization. For that reason, he produced artworks that create ideally the conditions for the resistance of this oral-tradition-based mountain population, which is Islamized and at risk of disappearance. The artist focused his activities on their independence as Berbers, involving the community itself to play an active role in this process. For this reason he aimed to the original etymology of the word “Berber” Imazighen: or free men.

The idea to introduce the community in the concept of “fossilization” started from an urban activity in which Nacciarriti helped the community to remove some writings and graffiti on walls and stones in the centre of the village, that is well-travelled and popular for tourists. This action involved an increasing number of people at any age that spontaneously rushed to help him. The aim was to show our closeness and solidarity to those people about the graffiti problem, as a result of its intense tourism that often includes people disfiguring stones and walls in their transit from there to take the trekking route towards the summit of Mount Toubkal.

Other projects followed this urban action. This new activity has given the shape to the body of work that he considers his art production for Atla(s)now.

As first work Andrea Nacciarriti asked the girls of the Education for all association in the village of Asni, to write stories and letters related to their Berber identity. With this project he wanted to emphasize the personal responsibility of the preservation of the memory.

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Author : Serena Becagli



If you appreciate the individuality, speed, style and beauty of anything with two wheels, you’ll enjoy Meccanica Coritani. Fusing a passion for British engineering with Italian design; their aim is to celebrate both nations’ rich cycling and motorcycling heritages.

Meccanica makes an eclectic range of British made clothing. They supply cycles, classic motorcycles, cycling parts, accessories, original artwork, photography and books.

They’re especially proud of their ‘Bolenium’ range of retro-inspired, British-made apparel. Each piece is individually hand-made to the highest standards, using the finest quality materials – resulting in affordable bespoke, original garments that are a pleasure to wear and be seen in.

 It has been a long time in the planning and execution; it is not easy to make affordable, quality products in Britain any more. Meccanica Coritani is one of a small and growing number that is intent on changing that.

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Author : Valentina Matelli



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Author : Vivienne Avidan


Blackfish is a documentary premiered at 2013 Sundance Film Festival and chosen by Magnolia Picture and CNN Films for a wider release.

The documentary on the so called killer whales shows how captivity in SeaWorld parks and other aquarium is just a mere cruelty. In fact, Orcas have never killed humans in nature while all the killings have been recorded in captivity. This simple data shows how forcing them in captivity generate a violente reaction, probably with an aim of revenge versus the humans.

Author : Mario Alfiero


Nautically themed striped outfits are not compulsory but will add to your sea cred.

Opening for business in the spring of 2011, The Sydney-based Balmain Boat Company has since shipped its flat pack timber boat kits to excited would-be mariners across the globe, from Australia to Europe. Designed by Sydney’s multi-disciplinary Vert Design, their easy to assemble DIY boat kit is an economical and practical way to dive into your nautical career. When fully constructed, the boat measures in at a touch over two metres long, providing plenty of room for up to three stout, hardy sailors.

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Author : Heat Campbell



Gotham lab is a small workshop formed in 2012 by Martin and Panagiotis brothers. It is the result of a more-than-a-100-year-ago heritage of traditional woodworking techniques handed down to them by their grandparents.

The tools they work with are traditional mallets and chisels, in some cases 110 years old, neatly combined with high precision CNC technology. The design tools have a range of rulers and compasses once used by Architects of the famous Graf von Zeppelin Airship manufacturer till the latest 3D Engineering computer software.

Started as a part time job due to their thirst for creativity , in less than a year Gotham lab has become a fully equipped workshop , which involves skilled people from many different occupations , experimenting with several materials and techniques to bring to you unique handcrafted products.

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Author : Valentina Matelli


SB: We are in Florence with two adopted florentines, Alessandra Foschi and Francesca Pazzagli, who have decided to work here and to create Archivio Personale. Who’s Archivio personale? Where are you from? Can you tell us how this collaboration has started?

AP: Archivio Personale is an Architecture and Design Studio that focuses its attention on Set Design, Event Production, Styling and Style Consultant projects. The studio was born in 2010 in Florence, where it is based. Archivio Personale is the result of connected experiences, conceived by people who have been working together for years and then decided to channel all their energies in a project that evolves over and over again. The set-design/fashion (art/design) combination perfectly matches as it defines  itself through a continuos turnover of ideas and proposals. This is the reason why we love it and we never get bored! Alessandra Foschi and I (Francesca Pazzagli), co-founders of Archivio Personale, met in Florence during University and we had the chance to work together in the Arabeschi di latte group. Then we decided to develop a project more devoted to our educational background as architects.

 SB: What do you think of the Florentine scene? Is it stimulating or would you prefer working in Milan or abroad?

AP: Florence is a city which is potentially full of resources not yet utilized. Nonetheless it is finally emerging an interesting  generation of promising and creative people under 30. They are culturally aware and willing to emerge bringing the city toward a contemporary dimension which is no more tied to the past but it is alive, dynamic, cooperative. Milan is close and we have decided not to leave Florence because from here we can be anywhere else in a short time. We can work everywhere keeping our headquarter here . It’s a choice but also a form of resistance!

SB: You are working a lot with fashion. I’m thinking about your collaborations with Fabio Quaranta or the recent set-design for the lucky Superduperhats’ catwalk. How is it working with fashion designers?

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Author : Serena Becagli


The atmosphere during the opening of Le statue calde. Scultura – corpo – azione, 1945-2013 (The Warm Statues. Sculpture – Body – Action, 1945-2013) was exciting and Florence seemed to be riborn. The Marino Marini Museum was full of people involved ad active!

The exhibition is curated by Simone Menegoi, assisted by Barbara Meneghel and is part of the EARLY ONE MORNING cycle, an exhibition program dedicated to sculpture and its interpretation from the Sixties to today, curated by Alberto Salvadori, artistic director of the Museum.

The works on display seem to invoke a disciplinary field in its own right. The active participation of the viewer challenges the traditional idea of sculpture as a self-sufficient object offered for contemplation. The persistence of the object-sculpture challenges the volatility of the performing arts.

For some historical and especially fragile pieces (Devecchi, Manzoni, Pistoletto, Walther) exhibition copies have been provided, their use authorized by the artists or their archives. Only in certain cases are the works exhibited as “normal” sculptures, possibly accompanied by the documentation relating to their use. A simple “user’s guide” for the sculptures, with drawings of dancer and artist Marco Mazzoni, will be available for the visitors. In addition, on certain occasions, the works will be activated by performers from the artist collective FOSCA.

LE STATUE CALDE Scultura – corpo – azione, 1945 – 2013
THE WARM STATUES Sculpture – Body – Action, 1945 – 2013

Alis/Filliol, Monica Bonvicini, Claudia Castellucci, Gianni Colombo, Gabriele Devecchi, Ugo La Pietra, Eva Marisaldi, Marcello Maloberti, Piero Manzoni, Giovanni Morbin, Bruno Munari, Gianni Pettena, Marinella Pirelli, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Franz Erhard Walther, Gilberto Zorio, Italo Zuffi

January 20 to March 8, 2014 

Drawings-instructions: Marco Mazzoni
Works activated by FOSCA

Curated by Simone Menegoi

Assistant curator: Barbara Meneghel

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Author : Serena Becagli