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A SUPER 2016

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2016 will be awesome. Don’t you think?


BYE BYE 2015

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  credit: found-on-fffffound if anyone know the genial artist, please write us


24 Hour Empire by Josh Michaels This body of work by Josh Michaels is an homage to the original Empire, one of Andy Warhol’s first durational films. The exhibition includes photographs, lenticular prints, and video-based works, derived from Michaels’ eponymous

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Chiara Guidi is a Tuscan illustrator and we met her in her new studio, a container situated in a former industrial building in one of the most creative areas of Prato, to be precise. In the same space and same

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Simone Righi, Firenze An elegant gilded sign, two English style lanterns that light up red and green, a shop window displaying highly refined and often unique pieces with the finest details. In the Via della Vigna Nuova area, number 7

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LET’S SET THE WORLD ON FIRE “Raise your bottle and cup in the sky, sparks in the air like the fourth of July..” IN A WEEK ELITISM WILL BE BACK ONLINE IN A NEW VERSION: ITALIANO (& ENGLISH) GET READY!!

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The Lady and the Unicorn (French: La Dame à la licorne) is the modern title given to a series of six tapestries woven in  Flanders of wool and silk, from designs  drawn in Paris around 1500. The set, on display in

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road map CB

Dudebike is the folding bike dedicated to those who did wheelies with their courtyard’s pals; to those who filled metal baskets with groceries or snacks for the picnic; to those who customized their bikes with stickers and colorful accessories to make them

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Born 1991, California Watercolor painter specializing in survival skills and nature factoids.



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” As everybody else is rushing around like a lunatic out there, I dare you to do the opposite. Remeber to pause and reflect” – Maria Shiver

Photograph by David Levene28/5/15

Immersing visitors in a series of experimental environments, Höller’s interactive exhibition explores perception and decision making. To enter the exhibition visitors must choose between two different entrances, behind which lie separate routes through the first gallery. Once inside the exhibition,

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Sebastian Black Ekphrasis galimatias 1, 2015 On view through 31 July, the exhibition takes its title from the name of a complex trapeze trick. A ‘passing leap’ is a manoeuvre of great precision and skill, culminating in a dynamic moment

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Jim Lambie’s kaleidoscopic ‘Zobop’ – created with carefully cut, coloured sheets of vinyl tape – leads visitors up the stairs to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition 2015. RA invited Lambie to reconfigure his ongoing series of colourful floor based work

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JUNE 16 -19 @FORTEZZADABASSO Florence – Italy

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